Here's a review of the first item in the HAMEG HMC compact series of products, the HMC8012 Digital Bench Multimeter. We'd love to hear any comments, and watch out for the teardown coming soon. Thanks for watching.
We initially planed for teardown to be part of the review but the video was too long, so here is a 11min teardown of the HAMEG HM8115-2 Power Meter.
As part of looking into DC micro grids, we've been looking at power meters. We managed to get a HAMEG unit, the HM8115-2 to have a look at and review.
It's been a while since our last video but thanks to element14's RoadTest we have an Agilent 33522B Arbitrary Waveform Generator to review. Click here to have a look at...

Dave’s Lab Tour

Well, everyone asked for a tour of the lab, so having just finished my MSc exams I thought it was time we got one filmed. Here is your tour of Dave's lab!   Also to see some pictures click here

ChipKIT Video

Hi, We have now uploaded our full ChipKIT challenge video. For the background on this, have a look at our previous posts, And our DesignSpark blog page,
We have been working on an entry for the DesignSpark Chipkit challenge; there are lots of details here, Basically the entries are circuits that have to use the ChipKit that we have covered before, and have some form...
We've now completed our second video, a comparison between Arduino and ChipKIT plus how to install IDE / drivers for the ChipKIT, so enjoy. Let us know what you think, and thanks for watching. The ChipKIT software is here And the...
We've just finished our first video, a review of the new HAMEG oscilloscope, a HMO2024, so enjoy. We'd love to hear any comments, and thanks for watching.
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