So we got our hands on a brand new Rohde and Schwarz oscilloscope; this is a quick first look around the features and a preview of the proper review which will follow soon! We’ve...
Here's a review of the first item in the HAMEG HMC compact series of products, the HMC8012 Digital Bench Multimeter. We'd love to hear any comments, and watch out for the teardown coming soon. Thanks for watching.
As part of looking into DC micro grids, we've been looking at power meters. We managed to get a HAMEG unit, the HM8115-2 to have a look at and review.
It's been a while since our last video but thanks to element14's RoadTest we have an Agilent 33522B Arbitrary Waveform Generator to review. Click here to have a look at...
Hi Guys, Just a quick post today (we are working hard on the next video, honest!). We've had loads of questions about the bad user interface on the Hameg that I referred to in the video review, so some more...
We've just finished our first video, a review of the new HAMEG oscilloscope, a HMO2024, so enjoy. We'd love to hear any comments, and thanks for watching.
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