About Us

We are two friends who meet as students at Brunel University whilst studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering as undergraduates. Realising we had similar interests and lived only 10 minutes away from each other we would meet up to work on projects and revise for exams. Once we finished university David started to work full time for the company (in the aerospace industry) where he was working part time before and Sajjad continued on the peruse an MSc in Sustainable Electrical Power which he has just completed. During this time we continued to meet up and work on random projects that were of interest to both of us.

We both hold amateur radio licenses but have only used a radio to pass the practical test of the foundation license. We are interested in LED lighting, RC & autonomous vehicle control (land, sea and air). If there is any new test equipment on the market we will probably know about it and will want it.

This website started as a bit of fun and more of a challenge to see if we would be any good at it. Our first video (Hameg Oscilloscope review) was filmed at the end of 2011 and put online in January 2012. Since then we have put a few other videos online and there will be many more to come.