1. Hi great review, and thumbs up for 1080p Quality.
    The scope has only 2x1Gsps @200Mhz bandwidth, did you encounter any problems or negative effects because of that ?(should be 2Gsps@200Mhz by the rule of thumb)
    Other than this it looks like a very nice scope.
    Looking forward to see more from you.

  2. I’ve seen signals up to 150MHz on the oscilloscope with three channels turned on and those look fine, even compared to the same signal on a 1GHz 4Gs/s Agilent.
    With >2 channels on, that means it’s dropping down to 5 samples per cycle, pretty good performance. As a comparison, a sin wave at 10 and 5 samples

    10 samples vs 5 samples

    So not a critical factor, especially with the interleaving with only two channels switched on. As a comparison, it’s the same sample rate as the 2000x series agilent and about half that of the 3000x.
    I’ll grab some screenshots of the scope sampling a 430MHz signal when I get back-hope this all helps!

  3. Thanks for the answer,
    somehow i assumed automatically that the agilent increased the samplerate with the bandwidth.
    It helps a lot with the decision between an Agilent- and Hamegscope.

    The youscope demo seems quiet good in comparison to others DSOs, so i figure the waveform update rate of “only” 2000wfps is not that big disadvantage to the agilents 50000wfps as the numbers suggests?

  4. The waveform update rate is extremely useful when trying to find an intermittent glitch as you’ll catch it faster. However, this is about the only situation when a really quick update rate is useful, beyond that you just don’t want it to bog down when you’re running mask test and other cpu intensive tasks, and the Hameg doesn’t. So worse for finding an intermittent glitch in certain situations, but certainly not the be all and end all…

  5. Hi thanks for the great review. Just thinking about buying HMO722 and was looking for such review a long time. Could you tell me if it would be possible to do serial decoding using just 2 channels and a trigger input on HMO722, please?

  6. It is possible to do serial decoding with the two channel model. To be exact, RS232 serial requires 1 channel, SSPI requires 2 channels, and SPI which requires three, uses the BNC input on the back of the scope as the channel select input, so the decoding should work exactly the same as in the video.

    Hope this helps,


    • Thanks for your answer. It helped a lot. Will go for HMO 722 or HMO 1022. Shame that Hameg does not offer HOO 10 free licence too as the price for the logic probe plus the licence key for the serial decoding is quite high. We shall see. But the price of the scope is very reasonable so can not relly complaint. Looking forward to see other videos and reviews on this website. Looks very prommising.

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