Hameg HMO2024 Review-User Interface Detail

Hameg HMO2024 Review-User Interface Detail

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Hi Guys,

Just a quick post today (we are working hard on the next video, honest!). We’ve had loads of questions about the bad user interface on the Hameg that I referred to in the video review, so some more detail coming up.

First things first-the user interface shouldn’t be a deal breaker for anyone thinking of buying one.
When I first use a scope, basically every time I can figure out how to use 99% of the features without going down the wrong menu or having to just try everything, step by step. However, with the Hameg, I still find myself with the (supplied printed) manual on my bench, so I can look up how to set up the advanced options like serial decode and the maths menu.
This is probably a function of a couple of points. For a start, the Hameg has a lot of buttons compared to similar scopes. On the one hand, this means you have to go through less menus when you’re trying to use a feature. On the other hand, it can be awkward trying to remember where your option is!

This is probably worse on this scope than on some others just due to the sheer volume of options and controls that are included, and that is fantastic.

The one other small point I will make is that on some of the menu options they are changed either by pressing the button a few times, or by rotating the menu wheel. These two controls are distinguished by a small mark on one corner of the box surronding the option, and this is pretty rubbish.

Overall though, using the basic features is intuitive, and the learning curve for the more advanced features is a worthwhile tradeoff for the speed of use-so still highly recommended.

Hope this helps!