Electronics Bench Build

Here is a video in which we show you the build process of a new electronics bench, we also go through some of the decisions that were made.

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Workshop Build

Observant viewers may have noticed that there haven’t been any videos filmed in Dave’s workshop for a while. After a move a couple of years ago, the previous workshop was lost and I’ve been stuck without one since then.

However, the new house had a back garden. And who needs a large back garden when you don’t have a workshop!

From Dave's workshop build

The first step was to apply for planning permission-approval from the local government to build a structure. After submitting some basic drawings and fees, approval was granted. time to break ground!

From Dave's workshop build

Doesn’t look like much here, but lots of weekend later, basic foundations were dug. They consisted of a trench around the perimeter of the workshop, and a less deep area in the middle. For insulation, the middle section was then partly filled with expanded polystyrene. Where the ground was not level on the outside, wooden shuttering was added to contain the concrete pour.
The reason for having the foundations above ground was that I wanted this building to work as a garage later as well, so I wanted the right hand side to be roughly level with the road and driveway.
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LED Lighting Driver Tutorial Part 2

This is the second video in our LED driver tutorial series. This video covers successful prototyping of switch mode LED drivers with a focus on using solderless breadboard

Part three coming up will cover designing and producing a PCB for a driver. We’ll also take some measurements of the design and see how well the bench lighting works!

LED Lighting Driver Tutorial Part 1

Here’s the first in a series of tutorials on LED lighting drivers.

We take you through the background to designing switching power LED lighting drivers and through to component selection. In the next videos, we’ll take you through successful prototyping of these circuits right through to getting PCBs designed, ordered & built!

We’d love to hear any comments, and watch out for part two coming soon.

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Musings on workshop design

On Workshops

As the mark 4 workshop nears its fitting out period, thoughts on laying out and designing workshops are currently occupying much of my waking thoughts.
This will be my fourth workshop and they’ve got a bit better every time. My first workshop consisted of a shed which was fitted out with a bench and a vise.

From Musings on workshop design
From Musings on workshop design

Apologies for the pictures, these were taken many years ago! As my skills and budget increased, electricity appeared and insulation was added. This was a welcome improvement after trying to work on electronics by tea light! However, at 2.4m’ by 1.8m, space rapidly became an issue. With a paid gap year, workshop mark 2 made it’s appearance!
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